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Synergy Studios. 86-90 Paul Street, London. United Kingdom. EC2A 4NE

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Who are the Synergy Studios team?


Founder & Head Designer

With over 15 years design experience, Stewart has designed for a number of well known companies, and at a variety of different events around the world. During his career, he has designed stands for the likes of Fujitsu, Alpro, Glaxosmithkline, Pattonair, Star Alliance, Wesco, Trend Micro, Blue Cross and Ercol. 


Graphics & Design


Project Manager

Simon has well over 20 years experience in the exhibition industry, and so what he doesn't know about building and managing exhibition stands really isn't worth knowing. 

You name the event, and Simon has probably delivered a solution there, whether in the UK or the rest of the world.



What we do:

We have a very simple philosophy when it comes to managing manufacture and installation of your exhibition stand: Whatever it takes to get it right!

We look at your reasons for undertaking a project, and the tangible results you will look for when assessing its success. We consider far more than simply the structure within your exhibition stand space - how do you attract the right type of customer and fully engage with them to achieve your goals.

Who we are:

We are a passionate team, and we love the exhibition and live events industry. From our highly skilled and professional designers, to the highly skilled carpenters and technicians who deliver our exhibition stands, 3d environments and trade booths, we all care deeply about what we do.

We have locations throughout the UK, as well as workshops in Dubai. With convenient access to the key exhibitions venues in the UK, and access to relevant airports we are perfectly suited to deliver exhibition stand solutions anywhere.

How we work:

We work with you as an exhibition stand contractor should: From dealing with event organisers, placing orders and submitting documents we can take on as much or little as you like. We can also act as a hub to take delivery of your stand collateral and transport it to site.  


Some companies feel that they are delivering 'just a stand'. We don't agree - your exhibition presence is a representation of your company and brand, and the quality should reflect that every time.


What we believe:

We set out to give customers an improved level of quality and service:


Too often stand designers have become detached from the customer, performing a sales-support role. Our process allows the exhibition stand designer to work purely for you, as it is YOUR stand that we are designing.

Our philosophy is that everything is geared up to what YOU want! 

Apart from his chickens and the great outdoors, Steve is obsessed with all things graphics and design.

When we need graphics to be produced from scratch, or modified from client's artwork files he really is the man.

Kath makes sure that the Synergy Studios machine runs smoothly. From keeping us on top of deadlines, to making sure we have sufficient caffeine for some of the all-nighters we have to pull to get the job done, we rely on her 100%

Installation Team

Our dedicated teams make sure that your exhibition stand is delivered on time ready for your arrival on site. All work is carried out in accordance with onsite health and safety regulations. 

Design Team

We have a team of designers who come up with some wonderfully creative solutions to the briefs set by customers. With experience designing for venues all over the world, no job is too big, or too small.