Modular Exhibition Stands

stunning modular stands | better for the environment | cost-effective





What is a modular exhibition stand?

Modular exhibition stands use a range of standardised components that when assembled together create a complete stand. The standardised components usually include beams, posts and connectors in certain lengths that provide a huge array of options to create stunning exhibition stands.

In the past, modular stands did not offer a seamless solution where the metal framework was properly hidden, but with all the development within the industry over the last 10+ years this is a thing of the past.

Modular exhibition stands can be used in lots of different ways. From a shell scheme dressing, to a complete stand build, modular exhibition stands offer a cost-effective solution that will give the impact you need.

You can see examples of the bespoke and modular exhibition stands we have created here


See our Modular Exhibition Stand Gallery

fantastic benefits of a modular exhibition stand


Flexibility to adapt to different sizes and shapes without expensive modification


Due to longer lifespan, modular stands do less damage to the environment

quick build time

Easy to install, reducing time spent on site, and reducing cost


Stands can be built before going to site, making sure everything is perfect 

Speedy Breakdown

Quick removal of the stand at the end of the show keeps cost down


Custom elements can be added to the modular stand to suit your requirements

Are all modular exhibition stands the same?

You might be forgiven for thinking that all modular exhibition stands are the same. This is not the case with the modular stand designs, or the systems used. 

Our expert designers can create a stunning design for your stand that will give the impact you want, at the right budget.

We use 3 different modular exhibition stand systems which all have different key benefits. This means that whatever you want to achieve with your exhibition stand, and however you want it built, we have a modular solution to suit you.

modular system 1

  • No tools required for assembly.
  • Suitable for DIY and professional installation.
  • Lightweight & Portable (small sections)
  • Perfect for heights up to 2.5m
  • Custom elements can be added

modular system 2

  • Minimal tools required for assembly.
  • Quick & easy professional installation.
  • Build to 4m
  • Multiple substrates for graphics

modular system 3

  • Complex shapes & designs can be custom-made
  • Multiple substrates for graphics
  • Suitable for retail applications 
  • Professional install recommended

We deliver exhibition stands all over the world. Our main focus is the UK and Europe. We regulary work at The NEC in Birmingham, Excel in East London and Olympia in West London. We also work regularly in the UAE, and our logistics partners transport equipment and stands for us and our customers no matter what the size, or requirements.